Q8200 vs E6400 for Virtual Machines

Just a quick question here. The E6400 has VT-x but only has 2 cores, whereas the Q8200 has 4 cores but lacks Intel Virtualization Technology. Which of these would give you the best performance when running virtual machines? I'm talking VMware Workstation, Virtual PC and VirtualBox.

For the purpose of this, let's say that the E6400 is overclocked to 2.33GHz, the speed of the Q8200 at stock.

Thanks :)
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    The E6400 will be better for the VM purpose anyday...... Though both processors will allow you to run VM, but the speed and extensions advantage will be there only in the E6400.
    Thus, if you plan you use VM then the E6400 will be better suited for you purpose and will give you better speed and handling capabilities than the Q8200.
  2. That's exactly what I needed to know, thanks for your reply :)
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