New $1500 Gaming Build Help Please


BUDGET RANGE:1300-1500$



PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg or somewhere else if its cheaper such as dell for monitors


PARTS PREFERENCES: Im open to the best price/performance ratio within budget


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Yes if its needed to run high resolutions good

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Triple monitors 5760 x 1080 or lower resolution monitors pivot monitors would be nice aswell.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would like to have a side window with the case and triple monitors whether its eyefinity or nvidia sli triple monitors for gaming. I would like to have a gaming keyboard and mouse but if it wont fit with the budget then i can use old ones for a while the same goes for speakers. But i do need a headset though.
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  1. The least expensive 1920x1200 monitor on newegg is $290.

    3 of those = $870 before shipping

    That leaves you $630 for the rest of your build.
  2. Well if there are cheaper ones with lower resolutions like 1920 x 1080 or less i could settle with that
  3. These are $165 + free shipping:
    Which leaves you $1000 for the rest of your system.

    You can get 20" ones for $110-120 a pop as well usually.

    Anyway, for $1000 you could go for something like this:

    i5 760 processor
    P55 motherboard (lots to choose from, depends if you want to go Crossfire or SLI in the future (which you NEED to do if you plan on gaming at that huge a resolution)
    5830 video card (I'd definitely pick GTX 460s, but you'll need two right away for 3 screens)
    4gb 1600mhz RAM
    650w PSU
    Antec 300 (or whatever you'd prefer)
    Windows 7
    1tb hard drive etc.
    Keyboard, mouse, headset

    Anyway, for $1000, you can build a nice computer - but you won't be playing everything on full detail at that resolution across 3 nice monitors. Honestly, I'd go with one nice monitor, and a nicer computer and gear, rather than trying to squeeze 3 monitors out of your budget. Or else spend a bit more and have some room to buy a couple 460s and everything else you need.
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  5. for a 1000 you can get a 460sli which I reccomend. But add in headset and it's a tight fit.

    I'd get something like a amd 955 and 460(0.7gb)sli
  6. You can't SLI on an AMD chipset, and that only leaves the 980a, that I don't trust.
    Here it is though
  7. Woops how did I look over that. Well yeah then i's stick with ati since the nvidia chipsets are far from optimal.
  8. Proximon said:
    Well, it's going to have to be dialed down in many games. Max settings is out.

    What kind of build could I have without triple monitors?
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  10. Proximon said:
    You can't SLI on an AMD chipset, and that only leaves the 980a, that I don't trust.
    Here it is though

    A hack has been out to make you able to SLI on AMD chipsets for a while now, the hack seems stable and easy to perform.
    but if you don't want to hack your mobo then the 980a is the only option.
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