Brand new System: BSOD (Bad PSU?)


Core2Duo E7400@2.8GHz
Gigabyte G41 ES2H
GTX 460 AMP! (2 Weeks Old)
Corsair VX 550 (1 Month Old)


Core i5 760@2.8 GHz
Kingston 4GB DDR3 1333MHz
Gigabyte H55M S2
GTX 460 AMP!
Corsair VX550

Now in the old setup, the PC would run but as soon as I went even to 2.9GHz (2.8 Stock), the system failed to start. I bought the new CPU,Mobo, RAM yesterday and windows has not even started once(everything on stock). I get the BSOD at start screen and it restarts. I also noticed that in the BIOS it showed CPU Temp 66C after the crash. I even put in my old 9800GT and the same thing happens. I think its the PSU because it is the only part common between the 2 builds. Please tell me its a case of a bad PSU.
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  1. You may simply need to format and reinstall windows. BSOD's are windows way of telling you that it can't find the old device drivers from your old motherboard. The new board is completely different. So try a fresh install of windows first.
  2. Your CPU temperature is much too high and is a problem you will need to sort out, however I don’t think that this is the cause of your computers crash. I also don’t think that the power supply is the cause of your problems. You do realise that with a new motherboard you will have to reinstall Windows? If you put a hard disk with your old installation of Windows onto the new computer it will do as you described.
  3. But why did this happen in the old build for enen 5 MHz increase in base clock?
  4. Formatting seems to have worked. Finally on Windows desktop. Checking stability now.
  5. Quote:
    But why did this happen in the old build for enen 5 MHz increase in base clock?

    Probably because you didn’t keep the PCI (PCI-e) bus speed at its default frequency but let the BIOS make the bus speed a devisor of the clock speed?
  6. System Completely Stable now. Max CPU Temp 63c after 15min Prime95. Max GPU Temp 72C after 15min Furmark. Thank You all for the quick and helpful reply. (And yes it can run CRYSIS)
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