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HAF 912 more expensive than the 922?


I was looking at components on (one of my pastimes at work), and I started comparing the 912 and the 922. Even though the 912 retails for less than the 922, it seems like after you factor in having to buy fans to fill all those empty mounts it ends up being more expensive. Am I missing something here, or is there some sick deal on a set of fans that would put the HAF 912 below the 922 when the final amount is totaled?
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    you can make that case on a lot of cases (no pun intended). yes if you want to place a fan in every spot you can in the 912, 1 x 140mm side, 2x 120mm top, 2 x120mm front, one 120mm back it becomes expensive (even with the two 120mm CM fans included). the price goes up if you choose 200mm fans. if you already own those fans or just don't need that much air flow it makes sense.
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