Newly constructed computer will not POST. Bad mobo?


I recently bought a newegg combo, which included a gigabyte motherboard. I believe the motherboard is faulty but before I RMA it I want a second opinion of my own diagnosis.

I have hooked everything up. I double checked that the 24 pin and 4 pin adapters are firmly attached. I double checked the CPU for bent pins or other issues, and it appears to be in great shape. I double checked to make sure the ram was pushed in all the way. I opened the front of the case to make sure that the header was hooked up properly.

The first time I turned it on, the light on the front lit up for an instant, and then never again. No beeps, no fans spinning up, no observable behavior other than that initial response. I thought maybe the PSU was bad, but I took my known-good power supply out of my other machine, and hooked it up to this one, to have something very similar happen. Power light illuminates for an instant and then nothing. On closer inspection, I can hear a click noise inside the power supply when I press the button, but no other activity and no beeps.

Is this almost definitely a bad motherboard, or is it possibly an issue with the ram or CPU? I figure that there should be some sort of activity when I press the power button even of those components are the problem.

Is that an appropriate assessment?

Thank you for your time!
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  1. Hello. I tried two power supplies. They both behave similarly. The second of which I hooked back up in my main computer and it booted up just fine. Thanks though, I'll peruse those links.
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