Cmos wont detect hard drive properly

My CMOS dosen't detect my IDE hard drive properly and hence the m/c doesn't boot. But when the same hard drive is put in another m/c it works perfectly fine. The mainboard which doesn't detect my drive is Gigabyte and the other one is Asus. Pl. help me out.

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  1. Try Change the CMOS battery, it could be worn out because of aging....

    It common problems with IDE and weak battery....

    The batt itself sells almost everywhere....
  2. Sorry but a weak battery is not going to make the CMOS not detect the hard drive. Yes a dead battery would mean that the CMOS settings would be lost when the PC is powered down but the BIOS would still be able to detect the hard drive.
  3. it happen with my old hp rig if the batt weak it cannot detect the IDE HDD.. (true story...)

    installing new batt fix it, so it worth to try..
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