Offline physical HDD removed in Hyper - V ?

Again, apologies if it's not the best forum. Try to keep this simple.

I have 4 physical HDD's installed in a windows server 2008 R2, each of these drives are marked offline under win 2008 OS so that they can be used in a virtual WHS 2011 OS running in Hyper V. This all works fine.

As I was ugrading firmware on various SSDs I swapped out a couple of these HDDs (as above) because it was quicker to swap them out this way. What I noticed is that the .vhd (WHS 2011) will not boot when any of it's physically attached HDDs are not present. None of these disks form the OS, they are just pool drives, the error is initiated from within Hyper V not WHS 2011.

Obviously it's telling me it can't find the 2 physical hdds I've removed.

My question/query is, is there a way round this? Can I get the .vhd to boot regardless of the drives not being present?

I've considered that I can simply remove both drives in the .vhd settings but I'm unsure of the consequences of that. As they are pool drives for WHS 2011, I don't want to lose anything or mess it up. I can't see why removing them temporarily from the settings would cause issues, but quite frankly I don't know but would be interested in finding out.

To clarify here's my settings for my virtual OS WHSv2

You can see the 3rd and 4th Physical Hard DRives are displayed as not found. The only option to remove them states
"To remove the virtual hard disk, click remove"

Now, I want to temporarily remove a physical hdd and not loose anything, so I'm not sure if that remove option is for just virtual drives or physical as well.

Alternatively if I removed the SCSI controller altogether, that would remove all the hdds but supposedly not delete them. Would that mean that I can simply add the controller back later and the drives would still be attached?
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  1. Main reason I ask, is in the event I have to remove one of the physical disks that was taken offline to be replaced or upgraded later on, just wondering how it will affect my virtual enviroment.
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