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Buying new case

hey guys i am considering buying a new case for my hp m9450f computer and just wanted to clarify a few things before i go ahead with the purchase.

im not sure if my hp comes with motherboard standoffs or if its screwed into the back of the case.

if it doesn't come with standoffs is it possible to buy the standoffs separately and are all standoffs the same or will i have to get a specific type.

btw i am planning on getting the corsair 600t or the fractal design XL.

also how important is the I\O shield (its just used to prevent dust build up right???) cause im not sure if the I\O shield comes off this case.
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    The Case will have a pack/set of standoffs so you needn't worry about that part.
    The I/O shield is not just to prevent a dust build up, it actually protects the mobo from excessive force while plugging in cables also, it supports the components on the mobo when the cables are too heavy, so it's basically a lock sort of thing that has more advantages then disadvantages.
    If your I/O Shield from the old pc doesn't come off, try to look for one which has the same cutouts.... usually the same model mobo of a different company might have the same layout.
    Worst comes to worst you'll need to get one made from a Machinist....
  2. Well when you buy a new case it always comes with a set of screws and other things to support your motherboard - I can see you wanted to make your rig more attractive.

    Check this link:
  3. thanks guys, i plan on upgrading my rig and this will also help with the temps. my hp has only one 90mm exhaust fan so things can get a little hot in there lol
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