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Hello, ok so im 16 and have a mild Knowledge of computing and decided to build my own pc so i ordered a new tower motherboard cpu graphics card ram but kept the same harddrive and same cd drive so i build it (right as far as i know) and then put the cd i got with the motherboard and booted it up it took me to a black screen and say cmos battery low so i changed it with a new one still same message it also pressed F1 to resume so i did and tried to start windows in safe mode and normal mode and it would just show the windows xp loading screen then reboot and now it wont even boot the bios up?? any idea where i have gone wrong?? thanks =)
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  1. I am still learning alot about pc's as i go but wish to learn more its probs something thats way out of my depth and im just a silly kid messing with things i dont understand but meh we all have to learn somewhere any help or advice is welcome as i really wanna sort this out =)
  2. the cd you got with the motherboard is probably just a driver cd, not a bootable cd. you will need to reinstall your operating system. you could try replacing the cmos battery again, but first you should pull the cmos battery and power cord for 10 minutes than put the cmos battery in than plug in the power cord
  3. ah so you reckon tis just the os that needs reinstalling?? =))) if so thats simples but one problem i got the pc 2nd hand and it had xp pre installed so buy a new copy of it from somewhere i guess?
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