Can someone explain the process of installing SSD to laptop?

Hi, I will be planning to get an Asus G75-vw for Christmas. I decided that I will get an SSD as I learned that it will be a lot better than having just the HDD. A SSD I will be thinking about getting is the Crucial M4 128GB. So since the G75-vw has two hard drive bays, one for the 1TB 5800rpm and other one, most likely for the SSD.
Now, the thing I want to do is have both HDD an SSD in the laptop, instead of just replacing the HDD with the SSD. I can't afford to get a bigger SSD than a 128GB.
So I want to have personal storage, pictures, musics, documents, and etc. onto the HDD and the Windows 7 OS and games onto the SDD. And I want to do this "whole process" done right when I get my laptop. I heard that you can clone and stuff, but I decided not to do that because I researched about the disadvantages of it. What I want to do, is a "fresh install". Could you guys, who are more of an expert on this, go through the process? Again, I do not want to do a clone. Since I will be doing whatever process with the fresh laptop, I don't think a clone is necessary for me (and I don't like the disadvantages of it).
So can you guys list the steps step-by-step? I will be able to understand each step, it's just that thinking about it overall seems confusing and brain-fart.
Thanks guys.
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  1. Hi everyone,
    I know that most of you have a lot of problems for migrating from preinstalled Windows 8 (HDD) to your new SSD in ASUS G75VW-AH71. I had it too and I think I solved it. This is the way that works for me and hope it will be useful for you guys too.
    1. backup important data! Make your recovery & restore DVD disks
    2. You need to have a Windows 8 (RTM) Build 9200 (32bit + 64bit) MSDN. We use our serial number that comes with our laptop and it is legal.
    many win8 laptops contain the win8 in the bios so dont be alarmed if you dont have a sticker on the bottom of your laptop.<moderator>
    3. Put this Windows 8 DVD in DVD write and power off the laptop.
    4. Now you are ready for Process.
    5. Remove the 750GB HDD from computer. (I am sure you can do it easily)
    6. Install your New SSD in other place for hard in back of your laptop.
    7. Now is the part that you should be careful: We should change BIOS and UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)
    8. Start computer and press Delete button many times to go to your BIOS screen.
    9. Go to Advanced menu and then check SATA Configuration menu. Now you should see only your SSD and DVD Writer.
    10. Now go back to Boot menu and disable Fast Boot.
    11. Enable Lunch CSM.
    12. Enable Lunch PXE OpROM.
    13. In Boot Option #1 select DVD Writer.
    14. Go to Security menu, and then select Secure Boot Control and Disable it. (Important)
    15. Go to Save & Exit menu and click on Save Changes and Exit.
    16. Now your system tries to install Windows 8 from DVD.
    17. You should not have any problem with installation of DVD. It doesn’t require any Key for windows because the key of your original windows has been saved in system and it automatically add to your windows. Later when you connect to internet, the windows will be activated. (It is simple and you shouldn’t do anything)
    18. After finishing Installation of Windows 8, you can download and install all software and drivers of ASUS G75VW from manufacture site. (Driver and Support Link)
    19. Your process is finished now and you can enjoy your windows
    20. For adding you other original 750GB Hard, you will go to your BIOS again and go to Save & Exit menu. Then select Restore Defaults and later select Save Changes and Exit.
    21. Now check your windows again. Everything should work fine.
    22. Shut Down the computer.
    23. Remove Battery
    24. Install your original 750GB Hard drive.
    25. Put back the Battery.
    26. Restart your Computer.
    27. Now you should see your new hard drive in My Computer.

    I didn’t delete or format my original 750GB hard, and base on that, I have the ability to Dual boot to my original preinstalled Windows 8 and my new one that I installed it in SSD. (Definitely I usually use my SSD one because it is extraordinarily fast near 5 sec for reaching to my Desktop screen!!!!!)

    For selecting which OS boot first you should go to your BIOS and then Boot menu and under Boot Option Priorities, select Boot Option #1 and then select your OS from (SSD or HDD)
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