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DVI to yellow composite

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July 15, 2010 11:48:45 PM

I have been trying to hook my pc to my tv. I have an anceint tv that doesnt even have s-vid. I have a new card with DVI, HDMI, & VGA outputs. I have tried several adapters, I have one now that kinda works...... It is a DVI to "multi". I has R,B,G-S-vid-& a yellow. The TV now displays a signal from the pc but its FUBAR... it is rapidly flashing, has no color, and just looks just plain awful.

Buying a newer tv is down the road, but I would like to fix this up cheaply to make due. Any sugestions?

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July 16, 2010 12:31:57 AM

I don't think this is possible, except with maybe an active adapter. Composite video is an analog source while dvi uses a digital signal, and so that would explain why the tv display is messed up; its trying to display a digital signal by reading it as an analog signal.

What are you trying to use the tv for? Just an extended monitor?
July 16, 2010 1:03:30 AM

I'm trying to watch movies on it.I cant see the tv from my pc. It is around the corner, so using extended view is kinda difficult. (My wife has to guide me to the fullscreen button on netflix)
My old card (nvidia 6600) was old and had a yellow hookup, and did real nice. Those were the days...sigh...
I'd have to get one of those converter boxes, eh? Got any cheap recommendations? I'll probably have to wait to get a modern tv when everyone else is buying the next greatest thing. Aint technology grand!
July 16, 2010 2:58:04 AM

i'm not exactly sure what it would take in terms of converter hardware (or if it is really possible within reason for that matter), so i would just suggest waiting to get a new tv. most any tv nowadays have some kind of digital input or vga input to connect with a computer, and without question, a tv with an hdmi input will work with the dvi connection from the video card and all thats required for that setup is a dvi to hdmi cable, which cost maybe 4 or 5 bucks online.

And if you're just trying to watch netflix on your tv and you happen to also have any of the current game consoles (Wii, PS3, 360), you should be able to stream netflix through the console to the tv.