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First off my specs: Windows XP, Gigabyte P945 motherboard, Q6600 with aftermarket heatsink/fan, 500W PSU, 4 GB Ram, 8600GT 256MB 128-bit, 320 GB HDD and 750 GB HDD.

I had a 8800GT 512MB a couple weeks ago fry. Went to play GTA 4 and BAM! Artifacts on the load screen and froze up. Rebooted manually and got artifacts on the POST screen and Windows wouldn't display. Tested the 8800GT in another machine and got the same thing, artifacts on POST. It still had about a year left on warranty so I RMA'd it.

Now the problem is that when I play a game it will artifact and lock up with the 8600GT. It's done it with Resident Evil 5, Borderlands and Left 4 Dead 2. Does it randomly and I get a jack hammer sound looping. I thought it maybe a driver error so I rolled back the drivers. Still happens. Pictures of the monitor when it happens:

Resident Evil 5

Left 4 Dead 2 lobby screen

I'm thinking that it maybe the PSU. When watching the voltages under load they fluctuate quite a bit and I know this shouldn't happen. The PSU is also a little more than 3 years old. I have no other PSU to test it with. Any ways I would appreciate any input of what the problem is. Thanks!
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  1. Doe the 8600 GT do this is the other computer as the 8800 GT did?
  2. The 8600GT does this. The 8800GT wouldn't even display Windows when it went kaputt.
  3. Oh... I forgot to mention I ran memtest86 and found no issues.
  4. When was the last time before now that you used the 8600gt? looks like a faulty card to me. Also, can you tell us exactly how much on the 12V the PSU fluctuates?
  5. I let my brother use the 8600GT when he built his new computer. He later upgraded to a 9600GT, that was about 7-8 months ago and was working fine before he removed it. The 12v fluctuates about .6 volts. Normally it runs at 12.10v, but when it's under load it minimum volt reading is around 11.52v. Here's a pic of the CPUID:

  6. Any suggestions?
  7. Anyone!?
  8. you might want to try this on to your 8800 :

    see if your luck favours :lol:

    according to me the 8600 got screwed up because of your PSU voltage flaptuation.....and the VRAM got damaged.

    theres no other way be sure to change the faulty PSU before inserting a new card....

    btw whats your psu brand???
  9. LMAO! I don't have the 8800 anymore, it got RMA'd. No baking for me tonight. :( Maybe that guy should go on Food TV!!

    Any ways the power is one that came with my case. It is an APower!!Pretty crappy, eh? :P Anyways thanks for the laugh and the input. :D

    Thinking of purchasing this PSU:

    Thanks again! Any more thoughts will be gladly appreciated!
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    I'd replace that PSU ASAP before it takes out other components, then replace the vid card if need be.
  11. Will do that. I'll order it asap. I'll post again once it is replaced and tested. Thanks again!
  12. Buy a good branded PSU like crossair,antec,coolermaster,XFX,sensonic dont make the same mistake again........those brands have underated wattage....

    this will be the best buy and futerproof and it got cable managment system :

    and for your card go for an ati this time.they are cheaper and have better performance......

    may be this one :
  13. Thanks, but I can not afford to purchase a power supply that expensive, let alone another video card. Though that PSU is nice. :) And I doubt I'd go with ATI again having bad experience's with them in the past. Thanks again.
  14. I got a new PSU in yesterday. Problem with the 8600GT went away after I installed it. And I got my 8800GT back from RMA today. Performing better than ever! Thanks everyone for your input, it was very helpful. Take care and have a wonderful life!
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