New build, need help

hello everyone, need serious help, the new build would be :

CPU - Intel Xeon
RAM - Corsair 48 GB DDR3
VGA - 4x EVGA GTX485 Hydro Copper
PSU - 2x Corsair AX1200

so the questions would be,

1. what Intel Xeon CPU you should recommend?
2. what Corsair DDR3 memmory you should recommend?
3. will I have problems connecting those 2 PSU's? or maybe you could recommend a better way to power up everything?
4. what case should fit everything it?

I will watercool everything you can, the price of components doesn't really matter, this build will be used for 3D, will use almost all sony software and almost all adobe software. yes, I know that some of the parts will be in market later, just give me good answers,

thanks for the answers.
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  1. and what HDDs and SSDs you would recommend?
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