What are the capacitors in the pentium 4

pls let me know
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  1. What do you mean the made's? ok please check the link: http://badcaps.net/
    They are made by Rubycon, Samxon, Polymer and premade brands Capacitors.
  2. Is that the capacitor count in the processor that you're asking us about?
    Or is the capacitors on the mobo?
    If it's inside the processor than it's a question of Micro Electronics and ceramic capacitors.....
  3. Transistors?
  4. I didn't know the pentium 4 had capacitors on it. I thought all voltage regulation was done by the motherboard. I thought those were resistors on the bottom side of the CPU.
  5. Yeah, capacitors tend to be on the motherboard.
  6. I think you need to re-think the question your asking, it makes no sense.
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