Software RAID 5 slows every week

Hi all.

I have Win 7 Pro and a RAID5 connected to the motherboard.
Normally, it works fine. But about once a week, the array gets DOG slow - even during POST boot-up.
I just shut down and reboot, usually works. I used to get a BSOD when the array is slow during shutdown, but since a few SSD updates, this part seems to go away. Otherwise the array works great.

Anything I can do? Or this is just the way a cheap RAID 5 works?
Can I expect much better from a dedicated-premium RAID 5 NAS ?

Motherboard: Gigibyte GA-EP45-UD3P socket 775.
South Bridge: Intel® ICH10R
Intel Rapid Storage 10.6 software

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  1. You can expect much better from either a good NAS box or a good RAID card.
  2. Thanks for the reply!
    This is related to my other post.

    It seems a good NAS is the way for me to go!
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    Yes, a good NAS will be much more reliable than an old motherboard software RAID, and will perform much better.
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