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Help, Can't take screenshot....
I had ver.436. ok, I up graded it to ver. 451 then could'nt get on some
servers. So I did the 436 patch. That caused f12 to drop me out of full
screen to a window. I went into preferences and cleared that. Now what would
I write on that line to fix it back to normal?
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.games.unreal.tournament (More info?)

    "Flash" <NOSPAM@digdilem.org> wrote in message

    > F12 is normal for windowing/fullscreening.
    > F9 is the default for taking a screenshot. (Ensure there are fewer than
    > 255 screenies in ut's system dir, or it just won't work)
    > The bind, if you want to add it manually, is "sshot"
    > --
    > Flash

    I don't know what I was thinking F12. Anyway, "sshot" thats what I was
    looking for. Thanks!
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