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Product name: DLAN 200 AVEasy - two starter kits bought to link laptops, main computer and Playstation 3
Problem description: We bought one starter kit and were impressed with the way it linked through the wiring. We therefore decided to buy another two connectors to allow use of the internet connection to more than one device at a time. Using the software all four connect to give a network. The problem I have is that whichever device is switched on first monopolizes the internet connection and the others record that the LAN connection is too weak to connect. If I then switch off the device that first connected to the internet that does not solve the problem. I have to disconnect the modem - unplug all of the devolo network connections and start again - only to have connection to only one device yet again.
If I cannot have all of them linking to my internet connection then I might as well return the two connectors I bought to make up the network and just plug in wherever I want to in the house with one mobile plug network connector and the other in the modem!
I wrote to them to ask ‘Is there some router or something that I have missed out of the equation?’ only to have them reply that any commercial router will do. But, if I buy a wireless router I might as well not have bought the electrical wiring system anyway… and an Ethernet one would need connections via cables to the box – so I might as well have wired up the house… and not purchased the connectors… am I correct?
I am thinking I should just take the kit back and ask for my money back… but I know nothing on this topic and therefore would appreciate your input…
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  1. To share internet off of one modem you need a router. Just plugging a network into the modem via a switch will only allow one computer at a time on the internet.
    I have not used the power line adapters but would assume that they work just like a normal switch setup which requires a router to share the internet connection.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I contacted Develo and they have said this is the case.... although the instructions with the set do not mention it at all.

    Can you recommend a router. We already have a wireless one - but the problems we have had with that is what has made me try out this new way of connecting signals from the modem to my computer and games console.
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