Final Build

So after about a month of researching this is what Ive come up with

i5-750 (Overclocked to at least 3.8ghz)
MSI P55 GD65
Corasir 850w TX
2x2 GB G Skill ripjaws (7-8-7-24-2N / Cas 7)
x2 2GB GTX 460 palit
NZXT TEMPEST EVO case (is their any case that has better cooling, for under $100?)

I am looking for a cpu cooler that will allow me to oc to 4ghz, and not block any of my RAM slots

I plan on playing SC2, and Final Fantasy XIV amoung other games w/ three monitors... that is why I am getting the 2Gb version of the GTX 460.
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  1. I would avoid that Ripjaws kit -- they're a full 1.65 volts, which is not only bad for your IMC's lifepsan, but can hamper OCing. There's been a few cases of fried i7s at only 1.7 volts on the ram. The G.skill ECO series with the same speed/timings is the same price but only 1.35 volts.

    That's a LOT of money to spending on a 460, even for 2GB versions. For 10$ more you could move to 470s, which gives you 5/8 of the RAM but ~50% more processing power.
  2. Well what would be better for three 22" 1080ps monitors? x2 GTX 460 2gb or x2 GTX 470 1.25 GB?? I know VRAM makes a big difference when you get to resolutions of 5760x1080

    And the 460 has the advantage of being tested with newer drivers. I'd say the 470s would be better, seeing as I run 5040*1050 off a single 1GB 5850 and have no Vram issues with 4xAA. That's 85% of your resolution and I'm fine off a single 1GB card.
  4. ok so a 470 it is, what about the CPU cooler? Will a Scythe SCMG-2100 cover up my mobos ram slots?
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