Will both of these work and which is better

So im looking to get a cheap hard drive just to hold windows 7 and a few things everything else i can put on my 2tb external. So the question is will both of these work with the computer im trying to build because im completely new to this computer building thing, and if they both would work which ones better



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  1. The seagate one is an IDE drive.

    Get the WD Drive - it's a sata drive.

    The MB on your list doesn't have ide ports. You could use an adapter, but you'd be better off with a sata drive.
  2. Yes exactly, SATA has been the standard for almost a decade now. IDE drives are very, very old. Especially since you're building a solid computer (i5-3570K) you might not want to go too cheap on the hard drive, don't forget that your OS will be running on it so it will affect the performance. Look for Western Digital "Black" editions they have a good price/performance ratio.
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