GPU Fan Won't Turn On

I was wondering why my GPU is always hot, the GPU fan won't turn on. I've got a Sapphire HD 4850. Help please?
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  1. it could have failed
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    If the fan has stopped spinning then the fan is broken, if the card is still under warranty I would get either an exchange or refund.

    If not you could either replace the entire cooler with something like this:

    Or just add a PCI slot cooler:

    Depending on the size of the PCI slot cooler it may or may not cooler the 4850 sufficiently, though a respectable sized one (like the first) should be plenty, while the Lian-Li one would definitely be good.
  3. After I disassembled my hardware just this afternoon (dust everything out), I reassembled everything and the fan turned on then back off after booting. That was the 1st time in a long time the fan turned on.

    If it's completely broken, sure I'll order those parts, but it's just weird how it turned on then turned back off.
  4. The dust could have been clogging the fan.
  5. I dusted everything and it's clean, but it still won't turn on. Oh well, maybe it really is just broken. Thanks anyways.
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