New build PSU + Motherboard connection woes

hello. I am a first time PC builder and I was assembling my first ~$1500 rig today and I ran into a few problems. I know enough about PCs to get me by, but I'm not extremely tech-literate so hopefully I don't sound like a fool.

1. I have a power LED cable attached to my case. It has two wires, but the connector has three slots and I can't find where it goes. On the motherboard, the only place where I have three slots are where my system fans go, and obviously that is not the place for them. There are about seven slots for things like my reset button and power button, and I thought this would be where the LED goes, but in the set-up guide that came with my mobo it states that these slots are only for cables that require two connection slots.

2. I have a cord that I am assuming is for the headphone port on the case, but it has two connections - one that says "HD AUDIO" and one that says "AC 97". My mobo only has a single "J AUD 1" slot. Could you explain which one I need to plug in?

3. My case features an LED temp reader on the front - however, the wire has both an in and an out 4-pin molex connector. Do I need to plug both ends into the power supply, or just one? How does this work?

4. I'm also having trouble figuring out where my hard drive LED cable goes, as my mobo's manual mentioned nothing of that sort of connection.

5. Lastly and most importantly, my case comes with two 230mm fans whose only connection is through one 2-pin molex connector. The case features its own speed controller for the fans, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get them running. My modular power supply (assumingly like your average power supply) has ports for the CPU, MOBO, two PCIE/CPU 8P slots, and 5 IDE/SATA slots. How do I get these fans running?

I appreciate your time. Thank you.
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  1. Look up the motherboard manual online. They'll generally have a layout that highlights the parts you're looking for. Some motherboards don't have all the features cases do - but you should be able to hook up most of the stuff.

    The two-pin molex (assuming it looks something like the link below) should work with your IDE power cables. Just hook them up to power. If the fans came with the case, your speed controller's probably already hooked up to the case. Then again, might not - I've never had such luxury :P

    What motherboard do you have? Might be able to find you a manual.
  2. thank you for the fast response. my mobo is the MSI NF980-G65

    if it helps, I have an XCLIO wind tunnel case and a SeaSonic X650 Gold PSU
  3. Ah, I see. You should've linked the case first :P

    To hook up the fans, just hook them to your PSU. You should have a 4-pin molex that fits with it perfectly, as I mentioned.

    Usually, the HDD LEDs go right near where you hooked the power switch.

    Poke around the manual for your mobo a bit. Sorry for the slow response, I've been busy with some other stuff.
  4. OK.

    #1. Newer mother boards have a 2 pin header for the power LED. Many cases still have a 3 pin header with an empty center pin. You can simply cut the the connector in half at the empty hole, then clean up the cut with sandpaper or a file.

    It will go on pins 2 & 4 of JFP1 (pg 2-14). If your case connections are colored wires and white or black, the whti or black goes on the "-" terminal. You will not damage the LED's by connecting them backwards. They just won't work - in which case, just reverse the connector. Switches are nonpolarized. It won't matter how they are connected.

    #2. Use the HDA audio connector.

    #3. If you have enough molex connectors, you just plug one into the "IN" connector temperature reader. The "OUT" connector is used to power a drive when you don't have enough. With all the motherboards going SATA, htat is seldom a problem anymore.

    #4. JFP1 pins 1 & 3 (page 2-14).

    #5. This one, I don't know. I'm not familiar with your case.

    Cokehead, thanks for saving me the trouble of looking up the manual.

    But 4 out of 5 can't be bad. :)
  5. If you have a 3 pin header on the case do like this:

    The little triangle on any front panel connector is the + so see on the mobo manual how it goes.
  6. Yes, you can do that also. But you need to be very careful not to break the little tab off. And you should move the green wire to the center, not the white wire.
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