Xfx 5770 idle huge temp

Hello, my graphics card is getting soooooooo hot at idle. For example, i run dual monitors, and even with them off i still get 70 degrees plus at idle. Then when i run the catalyst stress test, it goes past 100!. All my clocks and fan speed are default.
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  1. Yeah, that is a tad hot. What sort of case/fan set up do you have going on? It seems like you aren't getting much air flow, even with the fan on auto. For starters, you should definitely crank up the fan speed to a fixed 40-50 percent to bring those temps down. In the long term, I would recommend reconfiguring your case a bit, i.e. tie up and organize the loose wires from the PSU and maybe adding an extra fan or 2 to get the air flow moving a bit more.
  2. a 5770, at that?! what are you doing to it? what case do you have? are u sure thats in Celsius?
  3. Hey there,

    1. How big is your case?
    2. Was it this hot before?

    A couple of things to try:

    1. Create a fan profile in CCC:

    graphics>ATI overdrive>click on padlock>enable manual fan control>set fan speed to 50%>apply
    options (top right corner of CCC)>profiles>profiles manager>enter profile name>activation>hotkeys assignment>save

    2. Place a 120mm case fan facing your video card. this will help with cooling/airflow.

    Good luck.
  4. id make sure the cards cooler is fitted properly with those temps, and make suree its fan is spinning
  5. I put copper heat sinks on the chips showing on the back and a fan I jimmy rigged to face down on the circuit board and set the fan speed on the card to 45% and the idle temp is 125 farenheit about 53 centigrade if I had the money I would put the zalman cooler on it .
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