Comparable to 8600gt

So i'm looking for a card that is comparable to my fried 8600...

since i can't seem to find the 8600gt anymore what should i get now?
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  1. The card was a DVI 256 8600 GT (BFG Tech)
  2. The 9500GT is probably closest in performance. Its like an overclocked 8600GTS. Better idea would be to set a budget and then get the best card you can for XXX money.
  3. well i just found out that i can RMA, after being hung up on by tech 6 times in a row....
  4. A 9500GT is faster and uses a little less power than the 8600GT. It's basically the same thing with a die shrink of course. If you're looking for a cheap gaming card though then perhaps you should be looking at a Radeon 4850 (they are $90 now), or if you have a weak PSU a 5670.
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