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Hi everyone,

I recently worked on a computer that had a single TB drive, It was bought from a store and no hardware had ever been changed.
While I was working on it I noticed it to be quite slow given the specs it had (no virus's) while rebooting I went in to the bios to make sure things were set up right.
I found that the Hard drive was set in raid, to my knowledge raid is to be set only when having more than one disk.
Later I found that the drive was failing and the computer was given a new drive, so the computer is now fine, but I would like to know if setting raid on a single drive be harmful in any way and also why would the original drive ever have been set in raid?
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  1. No, it would just allow you to get in to the raid area during boot to set up arrays and things along that line. Actual usage of a single drive shouldn't be all that much different in either case.
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    It shouldn't have been harmful, but could have happened if the drive were plugged into something other than the primary SATA port - the motherboard might then select RAID. (Heck, one of my ancient computers would only boot if it were in RAID mode, because that's how windows had gotten installed... on a single drive.)
  3. Ok Guys, thx for your replies, I am guessing the OS was installed under Raid. I was just surprised to have seen that.
    99.9% of all the repairs I have done were set up in IDE or AHCI.
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