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Help me find a decent and affordable Power supply please

I seemed to get some helpful info last time I posted on here. So im back with more questions. I want to make a budget Starcraft 2 PC with abilities to download music (and maybe a little Porn ;). Ive been doing a *** ton of research of reviews and forum reading, and Im coming closer and closer to getting together what I think I want. First thing though, its hard to make a budget PC after doing research, each component I get to, I see a dozen people saying "you definatly dont want to cut back costs when it comes to this component, its very important". Im scared to buy anything cheap =( But, okay, let me get you guys the details on my plans, as of now.

-I plan on using a Phenom 2 x4 965 w/ ASRock M3A770DE motherboard.
(4 cores, cheap, DDR3 capable,etc.. seems good enough for me, let me know if Im wrong.)
-Im thinking a GTX260 graphics card. (I was thinking GTX460, but I see the 260 for almost half price, and from what I gather, is plenty for SC2, as I wont play many other games most likely. But who knows. Either way, card seems solid.)
-Im thinking a 500gb 7200rpm Hard drive. Havent picked one specifically yet. I saw one for $35 bucks, but its white label, and now Im scared to buy white label stuff because of reading shitty reviews. Anyone know of a reliable one for around $40 bucks?
-Im thinking 4gb DDR3 Ram 1600. Saw it for like $70 bucks
-DVD-RW Drive
-Also, Im thinking several fans, maybe a big 120mm and 2 80mm or so.

With this being said, what power supply should I get. I saw 600W PSU for like 22 bucks on pricewatch, but is it going to bomb on me? I dont want my $500-575 budget computer jumping to $600-$700 or more. But I dont want something thats not going to work either. Let me know what you think. Also, referenes for the hard drive thats cheap and reliable and 500gb or so, would be helpful. Same for RAM that is compatible with my build. Hope I included all the proper info. Thanks, people
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  1. This psu is of great quality and will easily handle your proposed system.
  2. Also, Im confused on a case, too. I was thinking like $30 bucks. I want something thats functional. Room to put a couple of fans, or preferable already a decent fan installed with room for more. I think Im okay with buying a used one (Dont see the harm in a used case). I just want the best I can get at an affordable price. If it can fit the components above, and some fans, and keep it all cool while I play Starcraft 2 for a couple of hours, Im happy. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

    Thanks again
  3. Most likely a used Antec 300 will do the job on the cheap, as far a cases are concerned.
  4. my recommendations :
    1) crosair
    though crosair is more expensive it is highly trusted and time tested they squeezed 1000 watts out of a 600 watt supply the other companies blow up even when you are far from limit and i recommend gtx 460 for starcraft II as it is DX 11 capable as for the hdd use hitachi they are cheap and good as for ram use kingston value ram fans are always cooler master!!
  5. go in for antec they have the best cases around
  6. +1 to both the recommendation by sportsfanboy.. As for the case, look at this -
  7. Another question.. Im now trying to purchase the video card. im thinking the GTX260, as it seems to be plenty good for starcraft 2. I looked on and it has one for 99 dollars, but it isnt gigabyte or EVGA or anything. Will that really matter? is it still the same GTX260? price is about 50-60 dollars cheaper. I just dont want to make a mistake and buy something that isnt woth a damn, but I am trying to save some $$.

    What do you think?
  8. First I'm not sure if you looked it up but the gtx 460 is around 110.00 right now. Second if there is a sizable difference then i wouldn't worry about going EVGA or a specific brand as long as they offer a good warranty. If your talking 10 to 20 dollars more I personally would get an EVGA or an XFX.
  9. the 460 is only 110? Ive been seeing like 170. Do you have a link? If its the same damn price, Ill definatly go 460. That will probably suffice for me for a long time. Do you have a link to the 460 for that price? Also, will it be compatible with the ASRock motherboard... I cant remember it exactly off hand, the $60 Mobo, M377.. something. You know the one Im talking about? Its on, if you put in Phenom2 x4 964, and upgrade to the mobo thats $20 more. But yeah, a link to a 460 for $110 bucks would be helpful..
  10. Awe sorry it was a deal I saw last Saturday, it's out of stock. Still keep an eye out or maybe wait till black Friday in a couple of weeks. No doubt newegg and others will have some good deals on computer parts.
  11. yeah, thats kinda what I was hoping. I want to have my *** together for black friday. Hopefully know everything I want, so I can get some deals and get most of it on that day. Honestly, Ive started most of my searching at I see many people here are all But from what i see, sites like portatech have better deals on the CPU/MOBO combos (I plan on getting the phenom2 x4 965 w/ ASROCK mobo, and upgraded CPU fan here for $250 total. Then, I figure Ill get the rest of the parts from Newegg or Just having trouble finding the best deal on the video card. And Im back and forth on which case and power supply to choose. Ill just wait till black friday and check everything out then. You've been helpful. I appreciate it, and Im sure Ill have more questions very soon. (Im no computer expert, but Ive done so much reading and research, and Im a broke fool, so I cant afford to make a mistake with money, that now, Im having a hell of a time making a final decision on each part. Well, expect the CPU/Mobo, I know what I want there.
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    Np ask away, I check deals throughout the week, if something pops up I'll try to post it for ya.
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  14. I appreciate it.
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