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I had Win7 32 bit, then i installed ubuntu 12.10 along with win7. Both worked fine untill i decided to remove 32bit Win7 and install 64bit Win7. To do it, I inserted a Bootable Win7 DVD and restarted the laptop. when laptop rebooted from CD and copied files, i selected to delete the partition which Win7 32 bit OS. after a while system got struck, then i restarted. This time after booting from Win7 DVD & copying files, win7 installation didn't go further beyond showing the Win7 logo.

I rebooted the laptop, and win7 installation got struck at showing the Win7 logo. I thought DVD might be having some trouble, so i removed DVD & restarted I got error:

No such partition found
Grub Rescue>

Then i tried to boot from Ubuntu Live CD, it showing error o Kernel Panic - Not Synching etc etc.

please help me to solve this problem
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  1. Hi,

    You might have memory or hard drive problems.

    download and burn memtest86 iso and test your memory.

    Take your hard drive and install it in an other computer and install hard disk sentinel trial and lok at the health.

    Good luck
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