HD4890 terrible OpenGL performance

I have just recently downloaded the new XCOM UFO Alien Invasion opensource game. For some reason the game's performance is horrible! I get down to 5 fps for some tactical scenes. It seems to use a old Quake engine thats been modified - and thus, OpenGL.

Someone on their forums informed me that it might be that my ATI card does not like OpenGL 3. In fact (from a bit of googling), I have found that MANY people have performance issues with OpenGL and their ATI cards.

Is there any way to remedy this problem?

Maybe I am missing some driver installs? Maybe I need to download and install some specific OpenGL files? I dunno. I'm really just guessing.

My system:
Windows 7
Pentium2.9 Ghz Core Duo
HD4890 Sapphire with latest ATI drivers downloaded yesterday - think it's 10.5

I cleaned all my graphics drivers with drivesweep and reinstalled it (just to make sure)

ATI should really start getting their act together. If it isn't their Catalyst manager thats messing up it's OpenGL problems. What is it with this company? :fou:

Thanks :D
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  1. Is this the only game you experience performance issues with? Do other games perform like they should?
  2. Yes, what about the other games? Does it have low fps as well?

    What is your PSU? HD4890 is a power hungry card and produce a lot amount of heat, you might want to check your card temps...
  3. Which other games do you have which are running without any problems.?? Historically, ATI cards have been weak performers when it comes to OpenGL.. However, the current generation of cards (starting from the HD4000 series) have remedied most of the issues.. I've not played that game you mentioned personally but loads of other OpenGL based games are available and i've no performance issues with them.. Either the game is poorly coded or has compatibility problems with ATI video cards.. Try running the game on any of your friends rigs to cross check.. I am not sure if its a video card issue.. Doom3, counter strike, call of duty series, commandos are few very popular OpenGL based game and each one of them performs flawlessly on my 4870..
  4. I have a 700watt PSU

    |It seems Doom3 runs quite smooth - no problems! So, it seems my rants and raves against ATI was a bit premature. It's propably not a OpenGL issue but just bad coding from the UFO AI team. Apart from this issue the community there has done a great job with the 2.3 release.

    I have posted this issue at the UFO AI bug tracking section. Hope they can sort this out.

    By the way. When I turn off GLSL shaders the game runs perfect... but looks a bit bland. Oh well.

    Thanks for the direction. Much appreciated!!
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