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AM2 to AM2+ compatibility? CPU upgrade...

Hey everyone,

I'm contemplating an upgrade of my current CPU; a 4000+, Athlon 64x2. The upgrade is to allow my Civilizations V game to run more smoothly. My PC is mainly used for web browsing and web-based Flash games (see Facebook). I have a PS3 and do most of my gaming with it.

However, my 2.1Mhz processor is equal to the minimum requirements for Civ 5. I currently have 2GB of DDR2 PC2-5300 333Mhz Ram, which is also equal to the minimum requirement. This is going to be replaced with 4GB of DDR2 PC6400 800Mhz ram - which I've found for $100 CDN.

I've come across an AMD Athlon™ X2 7850 CPU for $56 CDN (before tax). This processor is 2.8MHz.

Here's a link to a comparison of the two CPU's on the AMD site. >>> LINK.

So, I have a few questions. Firstly, is the 7850's AM2+ socket compatible with my AM2 socket mobo? Is the upgrade even worth the cost? If so, is the swap something I could do myself? Would there be any BiOS settings that would need to be changed? I'm practically computer illiterate, and would like to know if I will need someone more experienced to install the new CPU.

Thanks for your time,

Also, my GPU is an NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT 512Mb.
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  1. I would just save up and replace motherboard memory cpu and video card.

    you seem to have missed that your video card is about half as fast as the min requirement 9800gt

    also that upgraded processor you linked is still about the min requirement.
    your video card is outperformed by 50$ video cards.
    your processor can be replaced for 100$ with one much faster if you also replace with a
    motherboard for new processor + ddr3 memory

    If you are interested in upgraded everything .. I can post a detailed recommendation and prices.
    from say..
  2. It amazing how quickly the technologies/components become virtually obsolete.

    I hadn't even considered that the video card was the problem. I bought it new about 2.5 years ago for playing WoW, when I was into that game. I did not think that CIV V was graphically demanding. I have set most of the "visual" options to Minimum or Low. Though most of the sluggishness of the game occurs when I'm waiting for the AI teams to finish their turns. Which is why I thought it may have been my processor that was the culprit.

    I'm not interested in replacing the entire motherboard.

    Perhaps I'd be more wise to invest in the extra 2 gigs of Ram, and upgrading my video card, and leaving the CPU alone - for the time being.

    Thanks a lot for your reply.
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    one possible upgrade path

    motherboard 65$

    option 1 dual core 63$
    option 2 quad core 105$ (or 89$ oem + your preferred cpu cooler)

    memory 4gb ddr 3 91$ (maybe something different here..)

    Video card-- alot of options based on how much you want to spend
    80$ - cheapest I would get. consider spending more.

    depending on how old your current computer is and what type of power supply it has .. that may also need upgraded.

    -- just saw your reply.. its probably not worth upgrading any part of that system
    you would just move the bottleneck to somewhere else.

    the cpu is probably the main bottleneck but no good upgrade options without a new mobo.
  4. Time to start pinching pennies I suppose.

    Please keep in mind that I'm not into extensive gaming on my PC. I'm merely looking to take the "delay" out of my Civ 5 gameplay.
  5. What mobo do you have?
  6. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Hopefully, that will help you, help me.

    Thanks again guys.
  7. Is that your mobo?
    Contact Acer and ask them if the motherboard has AM3 CPU support. Do the same with Foxconn if that's your mobo.
  8. My PSU is a 500W Purepower 500 NP. I bought it when I bought the GeForce GPU.

    I am wondering if I can get a AM3 socket motherboard, with an inexpensive CPU - yet maintain my DDR2 Ram.
    I just bought the 4 gigs of DDR2 ram for this board. So if I can maintain that style, it wouldn't have been as much of a waste.

    Malmental, when you mention the Brisbane 6000+ and 5800+, are those suggestions for possible upgrades?
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