7200 gs DDR2 - Vs -HD4300 DDR3 on board?

Hello everyone, my new computer parts are arriving today so that I can build my first ever gaming computer =) the problem is that I can not afford a graphics card for it for a month or so, so I need an alternitive till then. THe parts I have orderd are:
AMD phenom 955 x4
2GB 1333mhz DDR3 ram
gigabyte UD3H 890GX mb with USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB
Antec 900 case
OCZ 500watt PSU

I think that I am going to buy a HD 5770 to game on this computer with because my monitor res is only 1440 x 900 for now, and then that way I can add another if i upgrade my monitor. But for now would you recomend using the onboard graphics chip for games like WOW and for using widows media center? or shall I put in an old nvida 7200gs 256 DDR2 to play wow and media center on?

Thanks for all opinions,
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  1. The onboard graphics will be significantly better.
  2. http://www.geeks3d.com/20100304/radeon-hd-4290-amd-890gx/

    Those will perform much better then a 7200gs.
  3. Even though your onboard GPU is basically an old 3450, that's still significantly, miles, faster than an old 7200GS
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