Flicker with sims 2 on i3 330m

My little sister got some HP pc for b-day. She's really pissed now, because when playing sims 2 it makes flickers. I've tried to set all to low, but the problem still exists.

As far as i can tell it's because it uses the intel hd graphic chip, but she didn't experience the same flicker on a old laptop, which also had integrated graphic chip. Can it be because of going from XP to W7?

Seems mostly to come when new scenry have to be loaded, like camera rotation.

/edit: the title should be M330 and not 330 m.
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  1. I wouldn't think Sims 2 would have any compatibility problems with 7. The i3 330M comes with a different integrated graphics chip to your other laptop, which would have a GMA 4500MHD or X3100 most likely if it were Intel based graphics. I'd try to get new drivers for the GMA on the i3 330M.
  2. Mehh... forgot to set this as a question thread... Anyways, it solved the problem, many thanks ;)
  3. Welcome mate. So was it the drivers?
  4. Lmeow said:
    Welcome mate. So was it the drivers?

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