First Time Builder: $1,000 - $1,200 Budget

Hi guys,

I have built one machine in the past, but it was about 5 years ago and much of the research was done for me. I am looking to really build the entire thing myself this time and want to do it right, so I'm looking for some opinions. :) I am not a huge PC gamer, but that is one of the main reasons I am building it. I'm currently playing Starcraft 2 and would like to use it for some games in the future (SW:TOR, GW2, Diablo 3 etc).

Here is my build so far:

CM Storm Scout Case (purchased)
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB HDD (purchased)
LITE-ON DVD drive (purchased)

Here is what I'm thinking on the rest:

Intel i7-860 ($199 at Microcenter) vs. Intel i5-750 ($150 at Microcenter) - If the 860 is worth the $50, I am not worried about the extra cash.
G.SKILL 2x2GB DDR3 1600 - Link
Corsair CMPSU-650TX - Link

Now, those are the things I am relatively confident are pretty solid choices. I'd really like some advice on the processor choice between the two I listed.

I also am sort of clueless about the mobo. I know I'm going to need LGA 1156 and would like to go for USB3.0 and whatnot. I'd also possibly be interested in picking up another GTX 460 in the future for SLI. So I guess my question is what mobo would you recommend in the $100-$200 range?

Sorry if I sound noobish, it's been a while since I've been in the hardware scene.
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  1. I will also add that I would like to give overclocking a shot (after a lot of research and reading, of course). So that would be something to keep in mind for the motherboard.

    Also, here is the monitor I was looking at purchasing: Asus VH242H ( I would also consider the VW246H for $30 more if it is that much better.
  2. The 870 is the same price as the 860 @ newegg. Definitely go with it.

    Best mobo in your price range - ASUS P7P55D-E Pro

    Faster RAM : G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB)

    Keep the rest of your stuff. You've definitely done your research. Your build looks pretty good.
  3. Thanks for the input! I think I will go with that RAM. Any suggestions on a heatsink if i plan on overclocking the i7?

    Also, any other recommendations from people on a mobo? Or more vouches for that P7P55-E Pro?
  4. HSF : Depends on your budget and how much you wanna overclock. If you wanna OC that 860/870 to over 3.5, I suggest the Noctua. But for a small bump in clock speed (say 3.0 Ghz), the TX3 should be enough. Actually, you can even do that on stock, but I wouldn't recommend that.

    $30 : Cooler Master Intel Hyper TX3

    $50 COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus

    $80 Noctua NH-D14
  5. The Hyper 212+ is expensive at Newegg. Amazon has it at a decent rate:

    I'll vouch for the P7P55-E Pro.
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