Asrock p55 Extreme 4 Error code 16 on Dr Debug

After installing this mother board I have to say it worked flawlessly for about 22 hr on non continueious us.The when I tried to print somthing I got the dreaded blue screen of death. I un plugged the printer and restarted computer and it booted all the way into windows.I restarted and checked bios everything looked good.So I went back to windows and checked devise manager to see if a problem was indicated on tree, nothing was wrong.Everything worked great for about another hour and again blue screen of death . This time computer would boot to windows in fact it woud keep rebooting displaying 78, D3, and 16. I contacted asrock and they were not as helpful as I would of liked but I did try clearing the cmos at the jumper pins using recomended method. So far nothing I also made sure ram was seated properly and so no one asks I am using 2 sticks of 4 gig each Gskill 1600 they are installed in the white ddr slots.I checked all connections all is connected correctly.MB still caught in reboot cycle.Anyone have any idea's?Thank-You in advance. I will RMA board if no one has any ideas.My system build has following: Asrock p55 mb Intell Dual Core i5 360 ,2 4gig sticks GSkill 1600, 1 TB western digital and 1 500 gig western digital as well as antc 850 power supply ,Palit 2 gig ddr5 460 graphic card and a Antec 902 tower.Thanks again
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