Is this access time normal?

Hi there,

I'm running the following system:
Intel i7 3770 @4.3Ghz
GA-Z77X-UD5H rev1.0
Vertex 4 128GB @ f/w 1.5
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center Pack

I hooked up my Vertex 4 128GB SSD on the SATAIII port (I read that Intel Ivy had 2, read, real, SATA3 ports, but that aside).

After I installed Windows 8 I did a benchmark, just to see if the Vertex 4 performed like it should. You can see it below:

I find that the access time is quite high. What do you think? Is this normal for a Marvell based drive? I think I had quicker access times on my sandforce based drive.

I'm rather confused atm whether my SSD is allright. I hope some of you can shed their light on this.


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  1. Not every drive is going to perform exactly alike. In general those results are outstanding though, I wouldn't worry about that drive not performing up to spec.
  2. Allright, then I'll have nothing to worry about :)

    Thanks for helping me out here ;)


    P.S. How to lock a topic??
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