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Coolermaster sosmos s

hi, i am currently doing research on a buying a new case for my pc.i will be installing the asrock p43de,4 gb ddr2 667 kingston,rosewill 600 watt psu,lg dvdrw drive(ide),q6600 cpu,ecs 8800 gts 320 mb video card, rosewill media card reader,and hitachi 250 gb sata 1 hdd.will this case be good for airflow and overall storage for these components?i currently have a coolermaster storm scout case that i will reuse for a socket 2011 build when its released
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  1. I would just save your money and purchase the Cooler Master HAF 912 or Antec 300 Illusion. Either case will equal the cooling performance of the Cosmo S for less.
  2. i like the look of the cosmos s just wondering how good the cooling was
  3. I like the Cosmos as well but the price gets me when perfectly good cases can be had for less than $100. I will rather spend the extra money on hardware that increases performance.
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    It is a decent cooling case. It will work fine for your needs, though a little price for my taste as a secondary PC :)
  5. i know i love pc case designs.its a hobby
  6. To each their own... It is your PC & Case so get what you like not what we like :)
  7. thanks for the suggestions
  8. On the cooling front, there are far better cases available which are in fact a lot cheaper compared to the Cosmos S.. However, if you are sold out on the design then there is no room for argument.. It certainly looks good.. If you are still open for alternatives then i'll suggest the Silverstone Raven RV02..
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