Hello, can i use this old hard drive as a second harddrive for my new

hello, can i use this old internal hard drive as a second harddrive for my new build? It's WesternDigital 640gb 3gb/sec or something. And my new internal harddrive is WD blue 1TB 6gb/sec and 7200rpm 64mb cache. Right now im waiting for the new one to arrive so im using the old one as the primary. So it means I have installed windows 8 on this old drive. So first question is do I have to uninstall Windows8 on the old drive since i have to install windows 8 on my new drive??
And should i connect the new drive to the RAID 0? what about the old one then?
And im using gigabyte z77x ud3h mobo

Thank you so much
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    From the sound of it, your older drive is using an older SATA, probably SATA 2 3gb/s. You can use this as your primary drive if you like, however, it will not have the speed and performance of your new drive. If I were you, I would use Samsung's data migration software to transfer the OS and files from your old drive to your new drive. If you do not want to use Samsung's data migration software you will need to do a fresh install of windows 8 on your new drive, just make sure to backup your files first. I would avoid imaging your old HDD as this may give you some problems in the future.

    As for putting your drive into raid 0; once you set up your new drive, I would trash the old drive.

    You might find these links helpful.

    Samsung Data Migration:

    Handy Guide:
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