No video from my GeForce 7600 GT

I just finished moving and got my computer out of storage. When I plugged up my computer my monitor continued to display the no video signal message.

I removed my 7600GT from the PCI-E slot and plugged the VGA cord in to the onboard graphics card which was disabled and now I receive video.

The fan comes on; on the graphics card and it's still very very new. I'm not sure what it could possibly be.
I use a VGA converting adapter as my monitor is VGA

Please help, I have much work to do that I cannot accomplish with my standard on board graphics card!!!
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  1. Try plugging the card into another PCI-E slot to see if its that slot being funny.

    If no luck i'd say its time to get looking for a new card.
  2. I haven't even used the card for a full month and I just replaced my old geforce 8 series card, it doesn't even have a build up of dust on it yet, It worked fine before I put my computer in storage to keep it out of the way from being damaged. So I know it's not time for a new card.
  3. Theres a chance that it could have recieved a static shock during storage. Theres also a chance that if the storage was particularly cold, a soulder connection may have broke on the card.

    Its a strange thing for a new card to go from working to not working after NOT being used.
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