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CPU Temps

Ok, so I just got a 980x, built the system last night, installed windows, but when I check the CPU temp, i get two different numbers.

With HWMonitor Pro, I get between 17* and 25*. with in the bios it was showing 40*C, and in ASUS Probe it was showing 34-40*C. Huge discrepency, so I downloaded Real Temp GT 3.60, and that is showing the same temps as HWMonitor.

Don't they get the readings all from the same sensors?

I am running a 980x on a Rampage III extreme with a 5870 video card, I have a loop with 1/2" Tube for the CPU only, going through a 3x120MM Radiator. The air coming from the radiator is very cool. I have a MPC655 pump.

Any idea which temp readings sound more correct?

One thing I noticed also is that the cores are listed 0,1,2,8,9,10 on HWMonitor (you'd think it'd be 0-5.)
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    HWMonitor and RealTemp are looking at Core Temps and Your BIOS / ASUS Sensor is CPU temp (two different sensors). Based on your temps, you are good to go but I would run Prime95 for two hours and record the high temps from HWMonitor. You would like under 60C :)
  2. Any temperature less than your ambient room temperature is flat out wrong.

    So unless your room temp is lower than 60F (or slightly under 17C), that reading is not possible.

    Check the web sites for those programs, make sure you have the latest versions, see if there's a known problem re the 980 (eg forums), etc

    Not too many of us have 980 experience :)
  3. Right now, my ambient temp is right at 60 (at least that's why my thermostat is set at and shows).

    @tecmo34, so for OCing purposes, use the results from HWmonpro, and as long as it stays under 60*, I'm should be good??
  4. OK lol - then those temps look possible. My apologies.

    tecmo was correct about which prog measures what temp. When you run Prime95, you can actually let the processor run to 60C- 65C without issue at all. Its tcase is 67.6, and exceeding that for a short period is not an issue. However, your cooling setup should keep it under 60C if its under control.

    And your ambient temp will help as well.
  5. Ok, I just started Prime95, I'll post back in a while, how the temps end up (jumped to 30* right away)
  6. You've got 12 large "gerbils" running the Prime95 treadmill now - its going to get warm :)
  7. Yeah... Temps are going to get a little toasty but as Twoboxer said, not many of us get to play with the i7 980 :D
  8. Max temps so far are 42
  9. Looking good so far!!!
  10. Aye - odds are its not going to go much higher by now - the rest of thetest really just "proves" memory and psu constant supply.

    After this you run Furmark, then a brief (15 minute) Furmark + 11 threads P95. Only need 15 minutes because gpu/cpu temps should stabilize by then within a now higher case temp. If they are still rising at 15 minutes, keep running until they level out - or hit a max temp.
  11. k, going to do that after I get back, after almost 2 hours. temps didn't go up, max 43.
  12. Super! Only +26 over ambient.
  13. microterf said:
    k, going to do that after I get back, after almost 2 hours. temps didn't go up, max 43.

    Nice temps.
    Stock clocks ?
    Which test ? Small FFT's ?
  14. yes, stock clocks for now, the default test, idk if that's small FFTs? I just hit start lol
  15. Please do report what you see I need what 980 doing on a rampage. tnx
  16. microterf said:
    yes, stock clocks for now, the default test, idk if that's small FFTs? I just hit start lol

    If you just hit start it's probably the "blend" portion of the test, Small FFT's will concentrate on testing the cpu, heating it up more.
    My 980x is at 4.0 HT on
    19º room temp


    30 mins Sm. FFT's
  17. ^ Really interesting. What are you two guys cooling the 980s with, and what cases are you using?
  18. Water loop with an mcp655 pump to cool it, in a 800d case
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