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It's Black Friday in the USA tomorrow, and I found a great deal. I am originally from the USA, and I plan to have it shipped to a family home address and then have my family ship it over to me in the UK.

However, it's for an external enclosure. I've shied away from anything hard drive-related from the USA because - and this is way over my head - something having to do with "voltage requirements" and the like. Basically, I was warned the HDD may potentially spin out of control and die due to different electricity standards here in the UK.

The enclosure DOES have a plug for wall sockets to get more power.

So how much risk is there for buying external enclosures and hard drives from the USA?

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  1. AC adapters are usually rated for international use. However you may need a physical plug adapter.

    If you ask the seller to show you the label on the adapter, this should confirm whether it handles 100VAC to 240VAC voltage ranges.
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