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i have to buy a pc with core i5 2300 2.8Ghz for gaming purpose. i need to know which motherboard will suit or asus?? please mention the board. budget upto 80$. thanks in advance
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  1. It doesn't matter. Especially for a chipset which does not support overclocking. Just look into the feature set and pick one. Your budget however is a little low. I recommend you to add in a few more bucks and get this -

    There are still cheaper alternatives available but I could not find one with all four memory slots. Thus I recommended this.
  2. thanx for the help
    would you mind telling if this motherboard is better than what you recommended because what you recommended is not available right now
    INTEL DH67CL 1333/1066 MHZ FSB (LGA1155) is what is available along with ASUS P8H67-V INTEL H67 (B3 REVISION) CHIPSET (LGA1155)
    so kindly help
  3. Are you referring to these two boards?

    Both are good. You can easily pick the cheaper one. I'd personally go with the Asus model.
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