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Hello For the past week my wireless internet has been so slow, and not just being slow it's also doing this thing that it says im connected to the internet but whenever i open up firefox and it tries to load google or anything it says server not found and then i click on steam (already logged in) and it says no connection, and i downloaded avast free when the internet was accually working but very slowly (downloading at about 20kb/s when it should download around 370kb/s) so i finnally downloaded that after a half an hour then i did a full scan of my system no virus's or spyware was found on my computer so its not a virus, the only people on my network are my brother and my mother (sometimes for banking and stuff) but mostly just me and my brother. also today when i went on youtube while the internet was working i did a couple things then my internet gave out again and i went to my basement to look at the router and modem and noticed the modem didnt have all the lights on, only 2 were had lights on and one of them were blinking ussally it's 5 on constant and 1 blinking so i dunno whats wrong do i need a new modem or is it my isp (ripnet)
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  1. Restart the router and modem together (or as instructed in the manuals).
  2. i've done that many times for very long periods of time aswell and sometimes I don't know why but it made it worst and made the internet stop completely
  3. Sorry For My Double Post I Forgot To Add This

    I think my internet might be working again at full speed since i can watch youtube and it doesn't take forever to load google, and also my ping in team fotress 2 was ussally around 40, now it's aroun 60-80ping so i think its getting better i guess just an isp problem
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