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Hello, i'm building a new rig, my MB's (asus m4a89gtd pro usb3) memory module a1 and a2 does not work, if i put all 4pcs of rams it will not boot, no display, no beep, no post

but if its only 2pcs rams placed in the memory module b1 and b2 it boots fine

i tried placing only one ram per dimm slot and it still does not boot in a1 and a2, but works in b1 and b2. as long as there is ram placed on those slots (a1,a2) it really doesn't boot.

i'm not sure with the compatibility of these rams to my MB because its not listed in the asus QVL list. But my MB is listed in the corsair compatibility list for these RAMS.

my processor is phenom II x4 945 (not BE), and these rams performance profile are BEMP, so is this the reason?

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    This is probably a dual channel setup. Try slot 1 and slot 3 and slot 2 and 4 for dual channel. Are these rams a matched set? If not they may be not compatitable with each other. If you have your motherboard manual it should tell you how to set up your memory.
  2. the rams are bought set, 4x 2gb.

    slot a1, b1 are color blue and a2,b2 are black

    i already tried putting only 2 rams in dual channel as you said, one in a1, one in b1.. also tried in a2, b2 but all did not work.

    as long as there is ram inserted in the slots a1, a2 or either one of them, it does not post, no display, no beep, nothing.. the mem ok led on the MB just keeps on blinking
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  4. problem solved!

    i did RMA the motherboard, new one works perfectly!

    thanks for your help guys
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