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Need a bit of help

I guess I should start by introducing myself. I'm not a computer noob, I just don't have as much experience as most of you. And I've been educating myself by reading on here. I am also in progress of building a new computer (for gaming and basic use). The purpose of my post isn't that I need help in picking out components, I have that all planned out. I have so far a ThermalTake V5 case and a Corsair HX850 (I buy funds permitting and as things go on sale).

My current pc until my new one is finsihed is an old hp with:
core 2 e6300 1.86ghz
HP OEM mobo
2gb 333mhz ddr2 ram
intel igp
OEM hp case &psu
2 Samsung 80gb hdd's
Windows 7 32bit

I understand how outdated this setup is, but I will be running it, well it and my laptop (which is much much faster lol) until my new pc is finished.

Anyways I was just planning on leaving the hp as is until my new pc is finished. But the psu fan has been running at max speed lately and it has become very loud. I have opened the psu and cleaned it completely with no avail.

So I was planning on putting the everything from my hp into my V5 with the hx850 and swap in components as I get them.

Now to the problem: Everything fits perfectly except for the heatsink which appears to hp OEM not intel. I have done a lot of research on this but haven't found anything.

My hp has a motherboard tray the V5 does not; and on the motherboard tray there are holes for where the heatsink bolts into instead of the things you turn on the Intel ones I've been seeing. There are no holes in the case anywhere near the cpu.

So here's possible solutions I came up with:

1) Put hx850 in hp case: I don't want to run the hx850 without a dust filter. The v5 has a filter for the psu. I don't want to open the psu to clean it, as that voids the warranty.

2) Use bolts/brackets underneath to hold heatsink: A bit too rigged up for me and I'd probably break or short something.

3) Buy new regular heatsink for 775: seems like a waste of money that could be put toward new pc, especially
since the hp one works very well (has heatpipe design)

4) Buy new psu for hp (around 400w or so) and then leave hp alone: again more money that could be put toward new pc even though I'll eventually buy a new one I want to finish my build first

5) Just deal with the noise and keep hp as is: it will just be a while before pc is completely done (I'm waiting for Sandy Bridge). So is possible but not ideal

I prefer options 3-5, but if you have a thought or alternative let me know.

I apologize that this was rather lengthy write up but I wanted to give as much detail as possible it seems like a common request to be detailed.

Thank you for you time. :)
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  1. 5) Just deal with the noise and keep hp as is: it will just be a while before pc is completely done (I'm waiting for Sandy Bridge). So is possible but not ideal

    Just finish your new build, kind of a waste. But just watch your temps, maybe just a bearing going bad or something like that.
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    Option 6) Since you already opened the HP PSU you could replace the fan in there with a cheap same size case fan, if the connectors are different you can always splice the wires together.
  3. Agree with ct's suggestion here on getting a universal cooler which can be later used in your new build.. However, since you are waiting and will most probably be going for a SB build, am not sure on the cooler support.. IMO, it might take a while for CM to bring out parts for their current coolers to be compatible with SB CPU's (socket 1155 i presume)..

    From the initial provided options, i liked option 4.. Just get a cheap PSU (like a Corsair CX 430) for your hp and leave it at that..
  4. Seeing as you'll probably want an aftermarket sink anyways, I'd just buy one. In the mean time use the 850W. I wouldn't worry about dust to much, or if you are make sure you clean it every week or two.
  5. Thanks for all your replies and very fast too. :)

    I like the suggestion of a new fan for the hp even if I get a different connector I can solder.

    I also may try to oil the bearings/bushings in the fan if that's possible. (it's not under warranty so no worries)

    And I would've already picked up an aftermarket cooler but as stated on here SB support isn't known. And if SB has the limited clock I won't need an aftermarket heatsink unless there's a cheap unlocked version.

    And I'll be sure to be on the lookout for a good cheap 400w psu
  6. Ok so I have the hp all back together and I oiled the fan and it's now a bit quieter but I think the bushing is blown because even spinning it at low speeds you can feel it wobble as though it's unbalanced.

    So I'll have to find a 90mm fan with 2 leads because there are no connectors at all for the fan so it doesn't matter what it comes with. I also took a picture of the bushing to get you guy's opinions on it but I have to go now and I'll post them when I get back tomorrow.

    I appreciate all your help and I'm just going to leave my hp alone until I need to steal.. errr borrow some dvd and hard drives from it for my new pc :)

    And you'll probably be seeing me sticking around here because it really is a great place.
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