Not recognizing all 3 512Mb DDR cards?

It's not a huge deal, but I already have 1GB RAM in my Soyou P4I 845PE motherboard. Then I just got a hold of two more 512Mb DDR sticks, and put one in the third slot, but the system only says there's 1Gb. I know that the motherboard is supposed to allow 2Gb. What's up with this?
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  1. Do the two 512 sticks work on their own?

    How are the channels set up on that board? It looks like you have 3 slots. Is that right?

    If there is a "memory remap" feature in your BIOS, you may have to go in and enable that.
  2. I assume they all work (my two 512s and the two I just got from a spare computer) but I didn't check for certain that the ones from the spare were working. It was running fine, just had a CPU half the speed of mine.
    Yes, this motherboard has 3 slots, DDR1, DDR2, and DDR3. I've always had one in the first two, and I just put one in the third one. I didn't see a 'remap' but I'll have to look. There's the DDR speed clocked[?] to the CPU, the DDR voltage setting, etc..
  3. is the ram you added the same speed as the ram you already had in there? if not, is the speed supported my your motherboard?
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