Internet Unbearably Slow on Fresh Install

Hello All :bounce:
I built a brand new, awesome gaming computer!!!
However, I am having an issue.
The Wireless Card I am using is the Linksys WMP54Gv4.1.
I had installed Windows XP on this computer yesterday so I could do the $40 Windows 8 Upgrade, and it worked, but now the internet is ridiculously slow. It worked fine in XP. I mean, it's crazy slow. Results
Download Speed: 0.8KB per Second
Upload Speed: 0.52KB per Second

The manufacturer doesn't have any drivers for Windows 8 only XP and Vista. The XP drivers installed just fine though in the hardware manager, but I think it may be why it's so slow. So I have three options:

Try installing the Vista Driver and see if it does any different.
Use a USB Wireless Adapter I have (I would rather not)
Use a larger antenna.

What should I do?
~Stephen :hello:
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    It seems like there may be some incompatibility going on. I'd try the Vista driver to see if things improve. If not, maybe spend $40 on an N USB wireless adapter and be done with it.
  2. Hi.
    I think i found the solution.

    1. Open Network Sharing Center
    2. Click Change Adapter Settings
    3 Right click on WiFi and choose properties
    4 Click Configure
    5 Choose Advanced
    6 From the list below choose minimum power consumption and change value to disable
    7 Click Ok.

    Hope it helps.
  3. really old card. they had proprietry compression that worked only with its own branded router. It is a dead product.
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