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this is in referance to a new build on p8z68 v pro. while reading through the owners manual, in sec 3.2.2, and the settings for the marvel storage controller. by default, it is set to ahci. i am going to run a raid 0 setup using 2 ssds. during some research, it seems that that setting should be set to raid instead of ahci, is that true or do i just leave it set to ahci? by the way this will be my first build.


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  1. you will want to switch it to raid. also, you will need to go to asus' website and download the raid/ahci drivers and put them on a flash drive because the windows installer wont recognize raid by default
  2. The ASUS P8Z68-V PRO only supports RAID from the Intel Z68 chipset, you'd need Marvell 9128 or 9182 chipset ->

    If for some reason it 'magically does' offer RAID then the Marvell Storage Controller -> AHCI and then boot to the Marvell BIOS setup Ctrl + M to set up the RAID, but only if drives are connected.

    IMO - Use the Intel even if you had the Marvell option.
  3. You'll need to run your RAID from the Intel ports. ASUS and every other manufacturer decided to use non-RAID Marvell controllers on their Z68 mainboards -- I haven't seen one yet that can do Marvell RAID.

    Make sure you run a garbage-collection program often on those RAIDed SSDs -- putting them in RAID automatically turns off the automatic TRIM garbage collection.
  4. Most P67 & Z68 yes, ALL no e.g. both versions of ASUS Maximus IV Extreme use Marvell 9182 supports Marvell RAID Utility :)
  5. That's what I get for trusting ASUS' web site designers. They neglected to list RAID capability under the Marvell controller on both of the Extreme boards.

    I just took another look around the Big Four web sites (and downloaded the manuals) and I've seen some Z68 boards that can do Marvell RAID.

    List of Z68 boards with Marvell SATA3 RAID capability:

    Maximus IV Extreme-Z

    Z68X-UD5 (eSATA only)
    Z68XP-UD5 (eSATA only)

    Z68A-GD80 (possibly -- manual doesn't specify whether RAID mode is available)
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