Adding a second card to an old computer

My wife wants to run 2 identical monitors at the same time using DVI. Since the card, GeForce 8400 GS is a single link, a splitter wont work. The cheapest solution would be to add a second identical card. Would that work? The bus is vanilla PCI, not express. We tried vga on the second monitor but at 1650x1080, the resolution was no where near as sharp as the DVI out.

We're open to any suggestions for resolving this problem.

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  1. We ended up getting a splitter booster
  2. Just find another Nvidia card that is pci if you want the two card option that is Geforce6 on up. Or and the most sensible option is to ditch the crappy 8400gs and get a newer dual port card. Is the crapbox low profile (slimline) or a normal desktop.
  3. All the dual dvi port cards I could find were for PCIe which we don't have. We ended up going with a Tripp-Lite splitter/booster. Costs a little more but it does exactly what my wife needs.
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