5770 and Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

My brother just got his XFX 5770 yesterday and put it. I had him install 10.4 drivers since I've heard a lot of bad things about 10.6. Now, the first game he wanted to try was Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. It simply will not run well at all. He put most of the settings on high and only got 10-15 fps. I had him turn everything on low, only to find a very small and boost in performance. At first I thought that maybe the game is simply too much for this card but then he tried Crysis on all high settings(no AA though), and he gets an average of 35 fps on Crysis. So what's the deal here? Is there a patch for OFDR that fixes this? Any feedback is appreciated. Here's the rest of his system specs.
Intel Xeon CPU @ 3.2GHz
XFX 5770
Monitor Resolution - 1680x1050
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  1. I thought that the processor might be a server processor, but I wasn't sure. But it can still run other games, like Crysis, fine. Is there anything my brother can do to get better performance on OFDR?
  2. It really could be your Processor. I mean, if you're able to run other games without any problems then it can't be your hardware, right? So it has to be the game. Are there any patches available?
  3. Ok, well he just tried America's Army 3, and with everything @ high(minus shadows) he only gets 15fps. I don't get it. Now I am starting to think it is the cpu. But that doesn't explain it running crysis at good fps. So, if it comes to it, what are his options if he decides to replace the cpu? I'm guessing he would have to get a new mobo as well because I don't believe Xeon's use the same socket as C2D or C2Q. Oh, and he used to have an 8800GT in this machine. He says he very clearly remembers that running America's Army 3 at high settings fine.
  4. Which Xeon is it?
  5. I'm not really sure. What I do know is that the computer is an Hp Workstation xw8200 and the cpu speed is 3.2GHz. And it looks like it's actually 2 cpu's on the mobo-there are two heatsinks/coolers right next to eachother, so I assume this means two single core cpu's? Sry if that is completely wrong, as I am not very familiar with servers at all.
  6. Quote:
    Your pc has dual 64bit intel xenon cpu.Games donot use 2 cpu.Games are coded to be used with 1cpu.Get a new cpu and mobo.Crysis is an exception it can run on server pc but not oridinary games.

    When you say dual you are referring to two seperate cpu's right? Not dual core? And since you say get a new mobo, I'm assuming the socket will not allow anything other than a server cpu. I'll tell this to my brother. Man is he gonna be upset. Ty all for your help.
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