Is there a way to repair a damaged PCI express slot?

Hi when I cut on my PC I get a message stating No signal and I can't get any video. I know it's not my monitor because it works on my other computer and the video card works on it too. Please can you tell is there something that can be done to fix or do I have to buy another motherbroad.
Thank You
Gerald Harrison
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    This could happen for several reasons including: bad GPU, bad PSU, or bad PCIe slot. If you MOBO has a second PCIe slot the simplest test is to try that slot.

    Q - What are your components? {MOBO, CPU, GPU, PSU}
    Q - How old is your PC?
  2. Hi I have a HP m9150f desktop the motherbroad is a IPIBL-LB Benicia PN5189-1080
    Thank You
    Gerald Harrison
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    Hmm one PCIe -> and an older OEM PC.

    Q - does the onboard video work? I noticed a VGA port...

    First (1), if you have another PC that you can try your GPU in then start there. Next (2), if the GPU works and you have an extra PSU that you can borrow try it.

    (1) eliminates the GPU leaving the MOBO & PSU
    (2) eliminates the MOBO <OR> PSU

    Otherwise take it to a shop, get a new PC, or replace the bad components diagnosing it yourself. There no other ways other than a kick to determine or repair the problem(s).
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  5. Thank you I'm just going to buy a new mobo
  6. Before you try buying another mobo try doing a few things real quick. I know it sounds wives taily but try starting your comp with one GPU and one stick of ram in your first slot and make sure NOTHING is plugged in except your keyboard, mouse, vga/hdmi cable and a net connection and try that. Also make sure your power to the GPU is connected.
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