Do you know where I can find a MSI 460 cyclone 1 GB?

Hi guys,
After some deliberating I have decided to go with a MSI 460 Cyclone 1 GB card. problem is before I managed to snatch one from NewEgg they sold out.
Also, I must buy it by July 20th at latest as I has to get to my aunt by July 25th so she can bring it to me (I live abroad).

So, any Ideas as to where the card is in stock (Either online or in NY area)?

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    here, otherwise, sign up for Newegg and have them notify you via email to alert you when they are in stock.
  2. That link says the card is "special order" which may take 1-2 weeks and on top of that it is the 768mb card and he asked for the 1gb.
    I'm not seeing the Cyclone anywhere. This Gigabyte card is probably a decent alternative;
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