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this is Yaser.I bought the power supplier Green and the module is GP585B. I want to use for industrial machine, and when i connected wire green to wire black manually,it start.but when i connected to machine power supplier was stopped. Is there the other signal for on the power? If yes,what is the colors?

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  1. You are probably triggering one of the protections on it, likely overpower protection. The green wire is the only one that needs to be connected to the black to tell it to start up and stay up, so it should be staying up, if its not there is a problem with the unit or you are triggering one of its protections.
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  3. Some psu's need a simulated load (termination) to be present on the other rails (3.3v, 5v, -5v, -12v) as well, if you are only drawing from the 12v rails then sometimes the other rails can overvoltage and cause a shutdown, I've not really had a problem using the 5v rails, but with the 12v rails I have had some strange cut out (when used as a test bench supply), also to smoothen out any load fluctuations or shunt loads on the 12v rails use a large uf capacitor (rated atleast 6000uf and 16v) and a stud diode (dioid to stop power going back in to supply from capacitor when psu is turned off).
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